RACE Digital Analysis and Framework Template with InDesign

RACE Digital Analysis and Framework Template with InDesign
December 30, 2016 François-Xavier Cuissot


“What are the figures for Q3 ?” This is a common question in our Digital world, and as a Digital Marketing professional you can export your analytics and show a lot excel cells and charts with your datas that no-one understand and worst create an urge to nap in the meeting room.

A couple of weeks ago, SmartInsights released a post “RACE : a practical framework to improve your digital marketing” that a read carefully and I much appreciated their attack angle because it covers the full customer lifecycle / marketing funnel.

With this template you will be able to show off your digital data in a visual and professional way and you will also be able to bring the path to improve your digital strategy.


Use this RACE Digital Analysis and Framework Template as you want in order to define your project with InDesign and export it to PDF.

This includes the following pages:

– Cover Page

– Digital Marketing Strategy Table

– R.A.C.E Analysis

– 4 Funnels type (“The Martini Glass”, “The Margarita Glass”, “The Wine Glass” and “The Shooter Glass”

– Digital Marketing Plan Refinement Table

– Digital Marketing Strategy Schedule

– Notes

PDF Preview

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  1. Download and unarchive the file

  2. Open the file “Template-RACE-Digital-Analysis-iPad.indd” with InDesign CC or “Template-RACE-Digital-Analysis-iPad.idml” with InDesign CS4+

  3. Replace content with your digital data (see explanations on page 10)

  4. Export as pdf

  5. Enjoy! 🙂

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